XXIX Mostra Internazionale AAA-L&C

Acqua Alta

I used to inaugurate the exhibition by offering a welcome greeting to everyone present ... and I will do so again this year.

Welcome to the XXIX International Exhibition of Artist Architects. An unusual and extraordinary exhibition where the most important protagonists, the works and the artists, are not physically present, but equally together online in an interesting remote dialogue. This shows how important it is for all architects to do art and the urgency to regain certainties that have been somewhat disappointed in recent times. The title Acqualta chosen in November 2019 to pay homage to Venice, the birthplace of our Association, which in those days was experiencing an exceptional watershed that was putting the city in crisis, causing serious damage to museums, churches and art galleries which, in Venice, having the character of art workshops, they are located on the ground floors. Despite this, the Venetians reacted with miraculous commitment accustomed to living with these events for a long time, they managed to reopen the city gates shortly. In this period the XXIX Exhibition was conceived, the chosen place and the period had to coincide with the opening of the Architecture Biennale.

Our initiative was presented in February at the Parisian exhibition where, all the international associations were present, the title was shared, explaining that the reference to the Venetian event had to be understood as a denunciation of other similar phenomena taking place on the planet .... .what happened next, you all know. At the next XXX Exhibition with the same enthusiasm as ever.

Lucia Lazzarotto

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