International Prize of Architects Artists - Ligne et Couleur


On the occasion of the XIX Exhibition held in Verona in September 2010 at the Sala Birolli, the Association has established the "International Award of Architects Artists - Ligne et Couleur. "

A new initiative aimed at enhancing and promoting people from the world of art and architecture in an international context.

In this first edition of the Prize was awarded to the Architect Libero Cecchini, who celebrated his ninety years, in recognition of his magnificent architectural and artistic production. A Maestro, whose work has already passed the assessment of the time.

Another prize was awarded to three young architects, James Gatto, Marcello Orlandini, Roberto Sega, with their thesis "Dat Nuoc Hanoi, Vietnam" they discussed the important issue of sustainable development in the relationship between city and country.

The Prize:

terra-cotta tile (cm 10 x 10)

with the image of


by the venetian artist

Giuseppe Vio

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