Ligne et Couleur - AAA

Architect Artists’ Association

The Architect Artists Association’s history is connected with that of Parisian Ligne et Couleur.

In 1935, that group had already been set up as a derivation of an association of Architects called Amant de la Nature, which was founded in 1881.

In Paris, many architects of several nationalities but linked up by the same course of studies, established among them many contacts leading to the birth of analogous associations in Germany, England and Scotland.

In 1989, in Venice, the Architect Artists Association was born thanks to the spurs that came from Parisian group.

Antonio Canato, Vincenzo Cherubini, Laura De Carli, Alfeo Pauletta and Carlo Alberto Tessarolo are the signatory Architects of the articles of partnership.

In the statute, they declared a willingness to join their aims to those of  Ligne et Colours.

The new Association should be apolitical and non-partisan; moreover it would promote initiatives among the architects endowed with artistic disposition.

These architects would aim at keeping their artistic interest high through expositive activities and studies which would  focus the attention of the Architects and the community towards the relation the existing in architecture between the technocratic opinion of the only rational use and the artistic harmony of colour and shape.

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